Hope America provides human service needs such as  food, clothing, educational workshop, housing counseling, and homebuyer seminars.     Through our workshops we help families sustain their household through training, resources and hope.  Some of these workshops have been a lifesaver for many families to help them keep their home without the fear of their families being evicted or displaced.  Other workshops have helped with life skills on managing their budget and helping them get back on their feet while going through a financial crisis.   Our food and clothing distribution drives have helped many families during their most toughest times.  We have served thousands of families with our food and clothing distribution drives with the sponsorship of many local and national businesses and organizations. Our goal is to strengthen our families to make a stronger society.


This program is for individuals and families who are struggling and do not have the financial means for shelter, food, clothing, and personal items.  There are many families who are below poverty level in this country since the decline of the middle class wealth; due to the financial economic disaster of 2008.  Hope America is waging a war on poverty by reaching out to as many families as possible to help with shelter, food, clothing and personal items.  We believe that America is one of the riches countries in the world and no individual or family should be without any of the above items.

Distribution Events

Family Support

Back To School


Christmas for Children


First-Time Homebuyer 

Foreclosure Prevention

Improving Your Personal Finances

Focus on Success Workshops

What You Can Do For Your Country

Diaries Of Teenage Girls

Moms and Dads Before Adulthood