workshops /Seminars

Home Buyer Seminars

Selecting a Realtor   

Choosing a Lender   

Getting pre-approved   

Determine your housing needs  

    Choosing the location and schools               Home Search   

Making an offer to purchase   

Get an inspection   

Closing  and possession   

Maintenance and repairs   

Debt control after closing   

Savings and rainy day fund

Foreclosure Prevention

Loan Modification process  

Help me save my home   

Redemption Period   

Short Sale   


Sheriff Sale   

Forbearance Agreement   

Deed In Lieu   

Delinquent Property Taxes      

 Homeowner's Insurance   

Collection calls   

What are my rights

Focus On Success

Understanding Credit

Debt Management

Finances and your Family

Financial Planning

Achieving Financial Success

Wealth Building


Improving Your Finances

Budget and Credit Recovery

Financial Freedom

Getting Out of Debt

Avoding Financial Disaster

Career Change

Collection Agencies

What You Can Do For Your Country

Understanding how to work within our country's system


Completing Census forms 


Filing annual tax returns 


Settle all dispute public and private through our court system 

Avoid safe haven for illegal aliens and known criminals


Register to vote and researching your candidate


The benefit of an education

Moms and Dads Before Adulthood

Emotional and financial consequences of unplanned pregnancies  

Unable to finish your education  

Seeking employment  

Medical bills  

Child Care