workshops /Seminars

Home Buyer Seminars

  • Selecting a Realtor 
  • Choosing a Lender   
  • Getting pre-approved 
  • Determine your housing needs
  • Choosing the location and schools Home Search           
  • Making an offer to purchase      
  • Get an inspection   
  • Closing  and possession   
  • Maintenance and repairs   
  • Debt control after closing   
  • Savings and rainy day fund

Foreclosure Prevention

  • Loan Modification process  
  • Help me save my home   
  • Redemption Period   
  • Short Sale   
  • Bankruptcy   
  • Sheriff Sale   
  • Forbearance Agreement   
  • Deed In Lieu   
  • Delinquent Property Taxes      
  •  Homeowner's Insurance   
  • Collection calls   
  • What are my rights

Focus On Success

  • Understanding Credit
  • Debt Management
  • Finances and your Family
  • Financial Planning
  • Achieving Financial Success
  • Wealth Building


Improving Your Finances

  • Budget and Credit Recovery
  • Financial Freedom
  • Getting Out of Debt
  • Avoiding Financial Disaster
  • Career Change
  • Collection Agencies

What You Can Do For Your Country

  • Understanding how to work within our country's system
  • Completing Census forms  
  • Filing annual tax returns 
  • Settle all dispute public and private through our court system 
  • Avoid safe haven for illegals and known criminals
  • Register to vote and researching your candidate
  • The benefit of an education

Moms and Dads Before Adulthood

  • Emotional and financial consequences of unplanned pregnancies  
  • Unable to finish your education  
  • Seeking employment  
  • Medical bills  
  • Child Care  
  • Housing